There are so many options out there, you're probably wondering: What makes JumpCactus Design different from other digital design studios?

  • Unlike many other digital design services, we are in fact graphic designer by trade- with a 3 year uni-degree to back up our skills! This shows in the final product right through from typography, colour managment and photo editing to lay-out and composition.
  • We include photo-editing in our prices. Being able to upload your own photos onto set templates on other websites may be easy and handy, but it always shows when a photo hasn't been polished and edited to match the designs. JCD ensures your photos is seamlessy intergrated in the overall designs. We even tell you if the photo-quality isn't good enough to use; so you get the chance to provide a better one for a gorgeous design!
  • We offer personal service. Rather than dealing with an automated service, you deal with a real designer who will gladly take your feedback and input onboard during the design-process. You also get our ideas and tips which is handy if you feel unsure about what look you're after. And no, it doesn't mean it takes longer, we are very quick and aim at being efficient.

We hope this has convinced you to choose JumpCactus Design. We are passionate about what we do and want to continue to improve, explore, wow and dazzle our clients.



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